Eternal Pain

The graceful water can not know
The pang of a burning bonfire
The birds in sky that voyage free
Can not know , can not think
The pain and songs of a standing tree.

The breathing body doesn’t know
The silent tears of its ghoulish shadow
The dust flies up and mixes with air
But doesn’t know the countless whiplash
The frictions ,and agitation of the ground
From which it’s really took birth.

The rainforest of flaura and fauna
With murmuring streams and lucid river
The exuberant life throbbing in every corner
Doesn’t know the curse and cry
The destitution and parchedness
Of a desolate, dry ,dying wasteland.

The horizon doesn’t know
The distance of East from West
Or the chasm between earth and heaven
Neither the sundering of day and night
The vast vaccum that fills them up.

©Glorry Shubhashree


Love And Compassion

I got to realize that COMPASSION is LOVE in action, or expression of love. And Compassion is the very core nature of God. He is always full of compassion, the most compassionate God He is. So it’s also a nature n sign of a person who is closer or nearer to God. Because when we get closer to Him, we get transformed in His presence as we absorb His qualities, nature n reflections.

This compassion is such a unique, powerful n heart melting experience its hard to explain, only can be felt those who have experienced it. Until we have not reached this state we are still very immature n we don’t know God really.

Because God is love Himself n His love ever flows from His heart n sustains us, sustains the whole world , n He always stares us with His eyes full of compassion. His heart melts in compassion when He sees His creation.

When we reach this matured stage n this compassion gets hold of our heart ,mind n spirit, we won’t be careless for other’s needs, we won’t judge others, we won’t keep any hurt, bitterness or grudge even if others have done or do the worst to us, we won’t think or speak ill of others at any cost.

We will forgive, we will love endlessly without limit, even when we are aware of others crooked, fragile nature n their failure to understand our love, sympathy n care. .!

But irrespective of their meanness n inability, irrespective of their no change, we love them still anyways n always have forgiveness for them..even if we are harmed n hurt.

Cause Love n Forgiveness goes hand in hand. .n we see this in compassion.

When we have compassion, we have the heart of God. We see like Him, think like Him, love like Him, forgive like Him, accept like Him..cause our love/ compassion for others will be greater than their hatred, malice or meanness for us…n we will realize as God forgives us, loves us n accepts us ,we should also forgive n love like that. .n it happens naturally without effort or force. We will be able to see others n this world from very higher perspective than common, normal perspective, from God’s perspective.

Until we haven’t got that compassion, we can’t really forgive or love others the way we should, the way God really intends us to do.

#A Thought on Compassion

© Glorry Shubhashree

Your Hidden Face

Show me your hidden face
Oh soothing voice of the shadow
Who sounds like a humming bird
Pleasant like a murmuring fountain
Don’t hide it from me anymore
Behind those shady curtains .

This crazy game of hide and seek
Enough you did play
Now heed on to what I say
Unveil your veil for once in a blue moon
Let the rays of light rain on you from heaven.

Let me see your distinct radiating figure
Dancing in the hollow of that halcyon night
Let those deep stark eyes, full of fire
Send my enchanted heart aflutter .

– ©Glorry Shubhashree

God Is Love

God is love. So love itself is unconditional and selfless. It’s the peace and it’s the purity, the key of godliness. It’s always benevolent in all its forms. Kind and gentle in all its moves . It spreads joy and healing. It carries the touch of heaven wherever it goes, as it’s the perennial river of soothing compassion, healing, forgiveness and acceptance. It’s all encompassing. Its something even the heaven and earth together or even the entire universe can’t ever define it or contain it completely. It encompasses and transcends even the eternity.

We always know and experience it partially within our limits and capacity in our entire life. Our capacity to love others depends on how much we know and love God, how much we are intimate with God. The more we know Him, the more we are familiar to love. Cause God is love.

The unified goal and purpose of all the trials of our life is to bring us closer to love, to make us more familiar to love, to increase our capacity to love others, to such great level which is beyond human capacity, which is not possible by our own in normal condition, without these trials. So their motto is always to burn our impurities and mold us into an embodiment of love, ultimately to shape us in the image of God. Cause God is love and we are His children, made in His image, meant to be like Him, meant to love others unconditionally, to serve selflessly.

And those who love more, serve better. Cause service is the prime duty of a human being as a human towards mankind, towards every fellow human and every creature. Only a life of service is a life worthwhile. And that service is incomplete without genuine love.

If we know God, we will know love, and we will know to serve.


-©Glorry Shubhashree

I Am A Pedestrian

I look behind my life
To the footsteps of mine
On the edgy thorny roads
Bloodstains of my wounds .

I look at that long narrow road
Covered with terrors ,traumas
At every few steps waiting for me
And my spine chills with fright .

I look behind this mysterious
Inexplicable life of mine
On this eerie, infernal road
I treaded alone in full exposure
A deadly battle of sound and fury .

How did I cross it I still think in awe
How did a small, delicate , feeble girl
Turned into a strong ,iron woman
Though not in physique but in soul
The most vulnerable ,brittle heart
Now calm , composed , unaffected
Soars on the feathers of resilience .

I am looking now at the road ahead
Ornated with white clouds and bright sun
Leading me into a new path with a joyful welcome
I am still a pedestrian ,just walking along . .
– ©Glorry Shubhashree

Those Eyes

Ohh those pair of dove eyes
Shine so bright like the moonlight
With grace of the seraphs
And nectar oozing out from stars .

Ohh those pair of pearl eyes
Remind me the coolness of the sea
Where those pearls are born
In the pious heart of oysters .

Ohh those pair of lovely eyes
With fire of heaven and passion
Consume my thoughts ,steal my peace
With a yearning of my transfiguration.

That crystal clear glass eyes
Break my shell and give me birth
To bring me into the new earth
From fright and plight to freedom and light .

Ohh those dazzling deep eyes
Penetrate into my naked soul
Leaving me speechless
And utterly helpless.

I have seen gates of heaven
Residing in those eyes
Where angels guard and archangels march
Fencing the city of paradise.

I have measured depth of ocean
In those abysmal eyes
Where I fear to be drowned
And never be found if ever I dive .

Ohh the cherubic smile
Of those beautiful eyes
With innocence of a child
Bewitch me with its spell
And takes my breath away .

Ohh those eyes of warmth and love
Where virtues born and sins shun
Seem like my safe haven
Inviting me to the home of bliss
Which my soul does search
And whole life I miss . .
. .

-©Glorry Shubhashree

Like The Wind

Like the wind I am a free soul
Invisible, yet wild and powerful
It doesn’t need anyone’s assistance
Neither anyone’s command
Only except God who owns it .

It blows its course how it wants to
And no one decides where to
No one asks it ,no one sees it
It doesn’t give any clue
It doesn’t care who are you .

All you can do is just feel it
Enjoy it ,breathe it ,dance with it
And let it touch you gently
Let it whirl around you when it’s there
Greet with smile when it’s arrives
Let go in smile when it bids adieu .

But only the fools try to hold it
Try to capture and own it
And runs after to catch it
The wise knows the nature of wind
And he knows exactly the way to treat
How to romance with the free wind .

-© Glorry Shubhashree