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I Am Just A Drop 

I am just a drop 

In the ocean of human race

On this earth face 

Lost, submitted and mingled 

In the darkness of chaos. 
My voice can be heard 

In that solemn loneliness 

Along with million silent cries

I have found my existence 

In the heart of oblivion 

My home is there 

In the path of melancholy. 
I am that drop of mankind 

That does not count 

In isolation 

I am that drop 

That accompanies all 

In this stream of blood and cry 

Loss, death, chaos and pain.
I am a cry in the cries

A tear in the tears

A heart in the hearts 

A face in every face 

I am that drop 

Oh I am that drop 

A drop !! 

Only a drop !!!! 

-Glorry Shubhashree 

Forest Fire 

I wish ,like the forest fire 

The burning of our heart 

Too is visible to others 
How many trees turned to charcoals 

How many leaves burned to ashes 

How many nests, bushes and dens destroyed 
How many lives lost their home

How much pain and scars left behind 

How much devastation for those who survived 
Beneath the calmness of poised faces 

How much the heart has burned 

Nobody knows, nobody knows 

-Glorry Shubhashree 

The Cry of Silence

I waited and pined all my life 

For a sweet melody to hear 

For s song, for a gift from heaven 

For a magic or some  miracle 
Instead, this empty air of four corners 

Gifted me the gift of silence 

Silence of the Ages 

Silence that spreads its icy grip 

Through the entire cosmos 
But when I voyage through it

When I ruminate in it

I hear the wailing of every soul 

I hear the echoes of heart beats 

Stuck between life and death 
Silence is sick and helpless 

With the noise of our cries 

Silence itself is waiting and pining 

For a lullaby from heaven 

-© Glorry Shubhashree 

A Poem On Rain 

When the wind tries to caress the world

The blushed clouds slide to run and hide

An Arabian tune bewitches the wild

And bold trees perform an egyptian belly

The rain drops fall like a beautiful rhyme

The birds flutter and sing together

A freshly composed praise of hymn

A mesmerizing romance captures the heart of nature

And the orbs pass out in the touch of rapture

For in a trance all the earth

Every corner echoes this mirth


My Understanding of Life as a Poet, Writer, Child of God and a Human being !!!

I am happy to discover my gift from God as a poet and writer . It’s who I am . And being myself and accepting as He has made and built me , doesn’t lessen me as a child of God , instead it helps me better to understand life n know God better . God has created every one differently ,with his own unique way ,we are not made to be stereotypes and same with all . The way God works in my life and leads me ,will be different in other person’s life. The main thing is to understand our own calling, gifts and passion .

The way I understand life day by day ,I get to realize the beauty of life in its simplicity and pure love . Whatever wisdom ,theory, doctrines , knowledge or degrees we may have acquired if we can’t love and accept a fellow human being, if our heart doesn’t move with compassion, tenderness and love for others irrespective of their any differences in faith , race or any kind of worldly or spiritual condition, then all our knowledge of God or boasting on it is completely useless .

If our knowledge or religiousness or any such feelings make us proud and look down on others and differentiate between people , if such belief or people threaten us or dictate us in each step and make us feel uncomfortable ,then I don’t need such people n such false beliefs. We are not puppets.

If we can’t spread love, then better not to create hatred ,fear, divisions and discriminations . What we can is Pray, and God will work in life and hearts of people. Let God be God and let us be human .Let God do what He has to do, and let us we do what we can do . We need not much thing to do, just love all and love genuinely and the rest keep in prayer, God will do what we can’t.

If there is only one thing to do in life. Then love all really , truly , genuinely. Because where there is love there is God .When we carry love , we carry God .When we are moved by and live in love ,and display love, we will display God ,He is revealed in love ,for He is love. He has created everyone in His hand ,in His image .

– Glorry Shubhashree