Those Eyes

Ohh those pair of dove eyes
Shine so bright like the moonlight
With grace of the seraphs
And nectar oozing out from stars .

Ohh those pair of pearl eyes
Remind me the coolness of the sea
Where those pearls are born
In the pious heart of oysters .

Ohh those pair of lovely eyes
With fire of heaven and passion
Consume my thoughts ,steal my peace
With a yearning of my transfiguration.

That crystal clear glass eyes
Break my shell and give me birth
To bring me into the new earth
From fright and plight to freedom and light .

Ohh those dazzling deep eyes
Penetrate into my naked soul
Leaving me speechless
And utterly helpless.

I have seen gates of heaven
Residing in those eyes
Where angels guard and archangels march
Fencing the city of paradise.

I have measured depth of ocean
In those abysmal eyes
Where I fear to be drowned
And never be found if ever I dive .

Ohh the cherubic smile
Of those beautiful eyes
With innocence of a child
Bewitch me with its spell
And takes my breath away .

Ohh those eyes of warmth and love
Where virtues born and sins shun
Seem like my safe haven
Inviting me to the home of bliss
Which my soul does search
And whole life I miss . .
. .

-©Glorry Shubhashree


8 thoughts on “Those Eyes

  1. Very happy you pointed this one out. This was brilliant writing. Each stanza was cleverly dedicated to a certain aspect of life. For example; the pearl eyes mixed in with the coolness of the sea and heart of oysters, That was very good.

    My favorite stanza was seeing the gates of heaven. It was inspiring writing.
    And your finale…heaven sent. A thing of beauty. You are an Angel of Poetry.
    It will be a pleasure t follow you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wowwwwww. I am just overwhelmed with this praise . Yeah poetry is in my blood n every nerve ,it’s my passion n life …I would like to suggest you to read my further poems – Little Angel, I Am There In the Wind, A Song On Rain , Forest Fire ..etc .I hope you will like them too .

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I was peeking at them.

        Today, I am swamped with so many things, but I would like to go back and read them. I was afraid you might think I am a stalker, but I love poetry, and your gorgeous work is worth reading..

        Don’t know if you noticed I have so many followers. I try to read as many as I can. So I miss a lot of stuff. But everyone who comments or likes my posts, gets read first.
        So please peek at my work, cause I don’t want to miss any of yours.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes ,I have seen ,you have so much followers ,and actually I can’t find my comments or replies there in the crowd of comments . I love poetry very much as well n I am pertained to good taste of poetry ,n to my pleasure , your poetry works fall to my taste n I really like them . And you need not fear of that being thought as stalker , actually I was afraid of being thought of that too ,lol ..while going through your works . Well you need not fear that .Instead it will be an honour n pleasure to be read by you . Cheers .

        Liked by 1 person

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