I Am A Pedestrian

I look behind my life
To the footsteps of mine
On the edgy thorny roads
Bloodstains of my wounds .

I look at that long narrow road
Covered with terrors ,traumas
At every few steps waiting for me
And my spine chills with fright .

I look behind this mysterious
Inexplicable life of mine
On this eerie, infernal road
I treaded alone in full exposure
A deadly battle of sound and fury .

How did I cross it I still think in awe
How did a small, delicate , feeble girl
Turned into a strong ,iron woman
Though not in physique but in soul
The most vulnerable ,brittle heart
Now calm , composed , unaffected
Soars on the feathers of resilience .

I am looking now at the road ahead
Ornated with white clouds and bright sun
Leading me into a new path with a joyful welcome
I am still a pedestrian ,just walking along . .
– ©Glorry Shubhashree


Those Eyes

Ohh those pair of dove eyes
Shine so bright like the moonlight
With grace of the seraphs
And nectar oozing out from stars .

Ohh those pair of pearl eyes
Remind me the coolness of the sea
Where those pearls are born
In the pious heart of oysters .

Ohh those pair of lovely eyes
With fire of heaven and passion
Consume my thoughts ,steal my peace
With a yearning of my transfiguration.

That crystal clear glass eyes
Break my shell and give me birth
To bring me into the new earth
From fright and plight to freedom and light .

Ohh those dazzling deep eyes
Penetrate into my naked soul
Leaving me speechless
And utterly helpless.

I have seen gates of heaven
Residing in those eyes
Where angels guard and archangels march
Fencing the city of paradise.

I have measured depth of ocean
In those abysmal eyes
Where I fear to be drowned
And never be found if ever I dive .

Ohh the cherubic smile
Of those beautiful eyes
With innocence of a child
Bewitch me with its spell
And takes my breath away .

Ohh those eyes of warmth and love
Where virtues born and sins shun
Seem like my safe haven
Inviting me to the home of bliss
Which my soul does search
And whole life I miss . .
. .

-©Glorry Shubhashree

Like The Wind

Like the wind I am a free soul
Invisible, yet wild and powerful
It doesn’t need anyone’s assistance
Neither anyone’s command
Only except God who owns it .

It blows its course how it wants to
And no one decides where to
No one asks it ,no one sees it
It doesn’t give any clue
It doesn’t care who are you .

All you can do is just feel it
Enjoy it ,breathe it ,dance with it
And let it touch you gently
Let it whirl around you when it’s there
Greet with smile when it’s arrives
Let go in smile when it bids adieu .

But only the fools try to hold it
Try to capture and own it
And runs after to catch it
The wise knows the nature of wind
And he knows exactly the way to treat
How to romance with the free wind .

-© Glorry Shubhashree

I Am A Woman

I am a woman
Endowed with power and grace
Yet so weak ,powerless
Helpless and hopeless .

I am a woman ,a human
But treated like a sub-creature
Let me soar, let me fly
Let me trade, let me live
This one life ,this one chance
In my own earth
In my own sky.

Please don’t chain me
Please don’t cage me
Please don’t throw me
Into the dark abyss
Where I can’t even breathe
Can’t even see a ray of hope.

I am a woman
The beauty of creation
Blessed with the force
To create and give life
Give me one chance
To create my own world.

Please set me free
Take away from me
These heavy shackles
They weigh me down
Bruise me red and blue .

Let me live ,let me breathe
Let me choose my heart’s way .

For good or for worse
Let me live and die
Let me fight and cry
For my dreams and visions
For my soul’s call and cry .
. © Glorry Shubhashree

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Creator Of Nature

You churn the ocean to make a storm
And a soothing cool breeze is born
You imbibe white nectar of the bright moon
And touch the earth with such caress
It spins around in a sweet jouissance
And waltzs around the firy blazing sun .

You kiss the heavens and romance the universe
To create an adorned galaxy out of them
And give birth an art in its sublimity .
In the ambroidery of your mesmerizing words
Through the fabric of an ethereal vision
And tailoring of your unfathomable imagination .

Most graceful Sire, the Creator of Nature
You designed all with the beauty and richness ,
In perfection in the finest detail .
Even the pallid canvas on a dead wall
Shines with a resplendent pelchritude
When the sun kisses it with its golden hue
In Your breath Creation gets alive
In Your touch every creature smiles .

I love and revere Thee for You are my Creator

Though I am a miniscule in the maze
Of Your lush, magnanimous world
A tiny drop in the Ocean of Your Creation
I delight in your loving presence
As a toddler loves the embrace of it’s mother .

Night sleeps deeply on your loving lap
And the wind sings gently a sweet lullaby
Morning wakes up with the fresh drew drops
And days shine with the resplendent glow .
Flowers bloom with variant bright colours
And birds’ melodious songs echoe the air

– © Glorry Shubhashree

My Dream – Green Earth

🌎My Dream – Green Earth 🌏 🌳🌳🌳🌿🌿🌿🍀🍀☘️🌲🌲🌴🌴 .

I always dream my Mother Earth in lush greenery . I always dream of a green planet . Nothing more I desire than this . I wish we could turn back to the lap of our forgotten Mother Nature and undo all the negligence , mistreatment ,unforgivable, unrepairable harm we human being have done to her . I am a child of Nature and her devastating condition in present time really aches my heart and soul . If I could do any service in this regard my life would be worthwhile . When our govts do so many development plannings and think of many issues ,I wish they also include this ,I wish they make plan for a Green Nation ,for a Green WORLD. .

Even we normal people if we will desire and work for it and step forward for it even we can do it on our own ,if we accept this duty and responsibility as a prime importance . Its the duty and responsibility of every human being to take care of our Nature and plant trees . Where there is a will there’s a way. we have to will and desire that. We spend our life and time in so many idle things ,which has no productive result ,we can use our little time from our daily busy life to look at Nature . Can’t we do that ? .We wander like nomads all our life searching meaning, purpose, peace in life .But I feel Nature has all that answers to all our wilderness ,if we think it deeply ,if we turn to her n be serious to look after her .

We do so many things of our own interests, can’t we make a little bit time for our own surrounding, our own planet ! It will be like nothing but helping ourselves only indirectly or directly , because we are the part of Nature .In her decay only our destruction and devastation is waiting ahead and in saving her we will save only us . .

🌿🌿🌎I want my Earth GREEN
That’s one of my biggest Dreams 🌏🌿🌿
. – Glorry Shubhashree

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