The Cry of Silence

I waited and pined all my life
For a sweet melody to hear
For a song, for a gift from heaven
For a magic or some miracle .

Instead, this empty air of four corners
Gifted me the gift of silence
Silence of the Ages
Silence that spreads its icy grip
Through the entire cosmos .

But when I voyage through it
When I ruminate in it
I hear the wailing of every soul
I hear the echoes of heart beats
Stuck between life and death .

Silence is sick and helpless
With the noise of our cries
Silence itself is waiting and pining
For a lullaby from heaven .

-© Glorry Shubhashree

A Poem On Rain 

When the wind tries to caress the world
The blushed clouds slide to run and hide
An Arabian tune bewitches the wild
And bold trees perform an egyptian belly.

The rain drops fall like a beautiful rhyme
The birds flutter and sing together
A freshly composed praise of hymn.

A mesmerizing romance captures the heart of nature
And the orbs pass out in the touch of rapture.

For in a trance all the earth
Every corner echoes this mirth.

. ©Glorry Shubhashree