Mist Of Rain And Fog

Mist of Rain and Fog —


The downpour of sky in this silent dead, night
Reverberates in the zephyr with melancholy.

A whiff of nostalgic aroma stuffs my breath
Splash of raindrops stream down
On the glass of window
Leaving their stresses behind
Screaming all night a silent cry.

Wintry chill along with this thunder peal
Synergize my heart’s clangorous shrill
I sit and wait here numb in a long night vigil
Watching this deem ray of candle
How it burns and smiles in silence
Still it’s last flicker in death.

A mist of rain and fog covers the earth
Making this dreadful night more eerie.

So dull and dark my world
Just like this murky night .

Tears of solitude rains through my eyes
I succumb to this pang of an endless waiting
Until all this pain and tears evaporate
To nothingness ,like a cloud free sky.

Just like this mist of rain and fog will
When the sun will kiss the ground
At the break of dawn.

.┬ęGlorry Shubhashree ­čŹü

A Poem On Rain 

When the wind tries to caress the world
The blushed clouds slide to run and hide
An Arabian tune bewitches the wild
And bold trees perform an egyptian belly.

The rain drops fall like a beautiful rhyme
The birds flutter and sing together
A freshly composed praise of hymn.

A mesmerizing romance captures the heart of nature
And the orbs pass out in the touch of rapture.

For in a trance all the earth
Every corner echoes this mirth.

. ┬ęGlorry Shubhashree